PePWave Mobility: Connectivity for Vehicles

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PePWave, an innovator of Citywide Wi-Fi solutions, today announced their newest Mobility solution, CarFi. CarFi can be mounted in a vehicle to provide a fast and secure Wi-Fi hotspot in and around a stationary vehicle.

CarFi provides connectivity while in or near a car. It’s designed for mobile workforces, public safety, transit authorities, and city governments. Private companies and individuals like realtors, contractors, salespeople, and other field service employees also need access to high speed data while in outdoor locations.

PepWave says CarFi makes it easy and affordable to connect in or near a vehicle.

When mounted in a car, PePWave’s new CarFi continuously scans and connects to the nearest citywide Wi-Fi transmitter. Instead of trying to establish a direct connection from a laptop device to the Wi-Fi transmitter, the PePWave CarFi acts as a high power signal repeater that connects to a citywide Wi-Fi transmitter and creates a stable local AP for laptop connectivity.

It allows low powered devices, such as a PDAs or Apple’s iPhone, to maintain fast and steady connection, without scouting for a signal. With its metro-optimized radio and advanced roaming algorithm, the new PePWave CarFi is able to connect devices at much greater distances than previously possible.

“There are many groups of workers who can benefit from mobile Wi-Fi access” said Alex Chan, Managing Director at PePWave. “CarFi provides great connectivity for workers who frequently use their computers or PDA’s in a variety of locations.”

CarFi comes in a ruggedized enclosure ready for mounting inside of a vehicle. A 12VDC vehicle power cord and external antenna make CarFi easy to install in almost any vehicle. It comes in a variety of configuations, from 100 mW to 400 mW,

As with all PePWave models, PePWave CarFi can be remotely managed through PePWave Central Management System, an integrated suite of administration tools utilized by service providers to manage large-scale inventory and deployment of PePWave devices.

In related news, MetroFi, which runs Portland’s free municipal WiFi network, reported more than 17,000 people used its network in October, with an average of nearly 19 hours apiece. About 17,800 signed on in August, but MetroFi increased the number of hours spent online — 321,400 in October, up from 254,000 in August.

Public safety has been driving two thirds to 75 percent of all municipal deployments,” claims Motorola director of operations for mesh, Chip Yager. Heavy Reading estimates that wireless mesh equipment shipments grew to 112,200 units in the 12 months ending in June 2007, up from 60,300 in the previous 12-month period, with demand from mid-sized towns and cities with smaller populations.

Expressnets sell a variety of PepWave/Peplink products from their Portland, Oregon, storefront.

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