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Predicting the top 2008 wireless stories is always fun. Here are a few fearless websites:

  • EE Times has Seven Global Predictions for 2008:
    (1) The “Next Big Thing” will have a global, not a U.S. consumer focus.
    (2) The sucking sound of semiconductor research, design engineering, and software development rushing out of Silicon Valley will become deafening in 2008.
    (3) YouTube investor, product, technology, design, company and information videos will explode in 2008.
    (4) LED light bulbs will make the transition from flashlights to home lighting
    (5) Japan, a sleeping technology giant, will awaken and become a leader again in attracting global investment.
    (6) Nanotechnology IPO’s will come out of the woodwork.
    (7) The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be the most technology intensive Olympics ever.
  • The Bangkok Post Predicts;
    1. iPhone successor unveiled
    2. 802.11n, finally
    3. Vista, again
    4. Open source takes off
    5. Quad-core for the masses
    6. Hybrid storage arrives
    7. Green everywhere
    8. Wii play games
  • C/Net’s Rocking ’08 Networking Tech Predictions;
    1. 802.11n
    2. 802.1x
    3. Windows Server 2008
    4. Identity-based networking
    5. Data center 10-gigabit Ethernet switching
    6. Traffic management
    7. Network infrastructure breakdown
    8. IPv6
    9. Fixed wireless convergence
    10. Open cellular networks
  • MSN’s Top 6 tech trends of 2008;
    1. Smarter sports
    2. GPS will go real-time.
    3. You’ll have a pet robot.
    4. Plasma or LCD TV will suddenly seem old-school.
    5. Your next laptop will be tiny, cheap and powerful.
    6. Your toothbrush will keep tabs on your dental hygeine habits.
  • ComputerWorld: 2008 Top 10 Trends in Personal Tech;
    1. The year of flash-based superportables
    2. The year of free Internet access
    3. The year of the home robot
    4. The year of hyperconnectivity
    5. The year of multi-touch
    6. The year of location, location, location
    7. The year of reading on-screen
    8. The year of social everything
    9. The year of haptic feedback
    10. The year of cell phone TV
  • TechWorld’s What will wireless LANs do in 2008?
    1. Faster networks with 802.11n
    2. Convergence: Mobile devices connect through cellular networks as well as WiFi.
    3. Competition with cellular services from WiFi and WiMAX

Of course WiMAX will be embedded into Intel’s Montevina (laptop) and Menlow (UMPC) platforms as well as the Eee PC. The Los Angeles Times sees professionally produced series on the Web taking on a life of their own. The Wall Street Journal thinks “dumb” devices like the TV remotes — will provide more functions and threaten sales of other kinds of electronics. The New York Times believes more companies will create virtual worlds for the youngest. PC World has 101 Fantastic Freebies.

Our own predictions for 2008:

10. Google wins 20 Mhz slot on 700 band, teams with Clearwire and ICO (above).
9. Korea’s KT or SK Telecom partner in joint Sprint XOHM venture
8. Mobile WiMAX starts slow, gains traction 2H with $300-$600 MID-powered iPhone
7. T-Mobile does 3G on AWS band, LTE a no-show.
6. AT&T promotes Mobile TV — fails — sells to NTT
5. Verizon and Qualcomm sue — everyone
4. Municipal wireless invigorated with 802.11n beamforming and joint WiMAX partnerships.
3. White space approved — over NAB’s dead body.
2. Unlicensed 700, 5.8GHz and 60 Ghz become viable for independent ISPs
1. Newspapers die — but The Next Big Thing is right around the corner.

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