Hotspot for Bedouins

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iBox2Go’s “Internet in the box”, launched today, is a mobile hotspot that incorporates a removeable Sprint Broadband cellular card for the backhaul. The iBox2Go (FAQ) is ideal for “bedouins” who need a mobile hotspot — anywhere. The USB card can also be removed from the iBox2Go hotspot, and used directly in your laptop.

The iBox2Go comes in three flavors. The cheapest one, called the iB300, is $200 (plus the monthly Sprint bill), offers a 40-foot range. The iB100 costs $250 and gives you a 50-foot range. And the iB500 costs $350 and gives you 200-foot range.

It’s getting to be a crowded field. Kyocera’s KR2 Mobile Router may get upgraded to mobile WiMAX this year (see above). Others include;

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Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 2:36 pm .

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