Sprint’s WiMAX Rollout?

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According to PC World, Ali Tabassi, Sprint’s vice president for technology development, claimed WiMAX was superior to a rival 4G technology, LTE, at least in part because it was available now. LTE rollouts would not begin until 2010 or 2011, he said.

“LTE stands for Late to Evolve,” explained Tabassi.

But Sprint has its own problems rolling out WiMAX, which it plans to market under the brand name Xohm. Tabassi said the soft launch was going forward this spring in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., but he was waiting “for finalization of our budget.” Tabassi said Sprint would at least cooperate with Clearwire on roaming agreements so the two companies don’t duplicate WiMAX buildouts.

Meanwhile, Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum and an executive with Intel’s Mobility Group, said there have been over 260 commercial deployments of WiMAX in 110 countries. Intel is a big backer of WiMAX, and expects to sell WiMAX-enabled mobile devices combining the speed of WiFi with the range of cellular.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, February 14th, 2008 at 9:26 am .

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