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Nike’s Sportsband is similar to Nike+iPod product from last year, but it wraps around your wrist. It reports the same data wirelessly as the Nike+iPod device, such as distance run, calories burned, etc. The SportBand wirelessly syncs with your Nike+ shoes and completely eliminates Apple and the iPod.

A removable USB drive stores the data. It can be slipped into a computer and uses the Nike + Coach software to log your routines and make suggestions for improved performance. Nike’s new Nike + Coach software, offers new running options and a calendar of training routines to help users achieve target distances.

But Nike has not abandoned Apple. Nike is also developing an iPhone and iPod touch version of its Nike + system which previously used only iPod music players. The iPhone/iTouch version will utilize WiFi and (eventually) 3G. Users can update training logs “on the fly”, so training data can be uploaded wirelessly.

Meanwhile Samsung and Adidas have a competing system called miCoach. It uses a heart-rate monitor and a stride sensor, whereas Nike+ only uses the latter. The Samsung system can give real-time voice feedback on whether you’re running at the right pace, and also create customised running plans.

Brother Industries is working on eyeglass-mountable displays, reports Engadget. Brother is shrinking them down using a retina-scanning technology, similar to Seattle-based Microvision.

By using your retina as a projection surface, images appear to float in space. The company plans to add wireless connectivity to mobile devices and shrink it down further by 2010. Voice command, using systems like Nuance, is already here.

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