Mobile Social Nets Grow

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MySpace has embraced data portability, and partnered With Yahoo, Ebay and Twitter, says TechCrunch. MySpace is announcing data portability standards today, along with data sharing partnerships in a project called MySpace “Data Availability”.

The key goal is to allow users to maintain key personal data at sites like MySpace and not have it be locked up in an island. Previously users could turn much of this data into widgets and add them to third party sites. But that doesn’t bridge the gap between independent, autonomous websites, MySpace says.

MySpace is a partner in Google’s OpenSocial project, but this is being done outside of that framework, says Tech Crunch. MySpace says they’ll adopt the Open Social APIs that evolve around data sharing once they are developed and announced.

A growing number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide are taking online social networking to the streets, according to research conducted by The Nielsen Company.

The findings show that the U.K. leads Europe in mobile social networking on a percentage basis — with the U.S. boasting comparable numbers

Mobile Social Networking Reach – US and Europe (2008)
SOURCE: Nielsen Mobile; EU data Q1 2008, US data December 2007.
  Percent who use social nets Number who use social nets
United States 1.6% 4,079,000
United Kingdom 1.7% 812,000
Italy 0.6% 293,000
Spain 0.8% 291,000
France 0.6% 255,000
Germany 0.2% 141,000

In the U.K., approximately 810,000 mobile subscribers, or 1.7 percent of all mobile subscribers in the country, visited social networking websites on their mobile phones in the first quarter of 2008. That reach percentage was twice as high as it was in other major European markets-though similar to the U.S., where 1.6 percent of all mobile subscribers (4.1 million in all) accessed social networks via their phones in December 2007.

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