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Strix Systems today announced that its Personal Mobile Command (PMC) systems are being deployed for emergency response vehicles and tactical mobile communications at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Silicon-Star Science & Technology Development and Beijing Aerospace partnered in the design and integration of the PMC which delivers instantaneous triangulation between public safety vehicles and security personnel around the Olympic Stadium and downtown Beijing.

Strix Access/One modular technology is integrated into the PMC’s which are hardened wearable units that allow pervasive mobile wireless broadband between each other and emergency command vehicles. Attached to public safety personnel via a small body-worn harness or belt, the PMC’s perform the services of a comprehensive mobile communications center with integrated wireless broadband and satellite access for live on-scene video surveillance and personal video/voice communications.

Emergency response command and public safety vehicles are deployed with Strix Access/One OWS nodes providing a mix of up to six high power 802.11 a, b, g, j and 4.9 GHz (DSRC-C) radios configured for access or backhaul. Advanced antenna technologies deliver maximum coverage.

“This is a great success,” said Cindy Lee, General Manager of Silicon Star. “The integration of Strix Access/One technology not only provides a solution for security at the Olympics, but for many more public safety and security projects.”

“Strix Systems Access/One offers excellent quality and performance which gives Silicon Star and its customers a superior price/performance advantage,” said Martin Levetin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Strix.

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