iPhone: 1 Million Sold

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Despite the outages and shortages associated with last Friday’s iPhone 3G launch and Thursday’s release of the iPhone 2.0 firmware, Apple says one million iPhone 3G units were sold with 10 million downloads from its new App Store in its first weekend of existence.

The App Store is a grand slam, with a staggering 10 million applications downloaded in just three days,” Apple chief Steve Jobs said in a release Monday. “Developers have created some extraordinary applications, and the App Store can wirelessly deliver them to every iPhone and iPod touch user instantly.”

C/Net reviews five great free apps for the iPhone and iPod touch:

  • AOL Radio Stream radio from over 200 stations spanning 25 music genres. It can even round up local stations. Who needs an FM tuner now?
  • eReader As a longtime fan of reading e-books on my PDA, I’m overjoyed I can now do the same on my touch. This app lets you download books purchased at the eponymous site, and flip pages just by swiping your finger. Two public-domain books are included free so you can try it out.
  • NYTimes Read the latest news, business stories, editorials, and more. It’s a little slow right now, probably due to huge amounts of traffic, but talk about an incredible app: the entire New York Times in the palm of your hand!
  • PhoneSaber Quite arguably the best use of the iPhone/touch tilt sensor ever, this clever bit of fluff is guaranteed to elicit a smile.
  • Tap Tap Revenge Think ‘Guitar Hero’ for iPhone. You can download new tracks (a few are included) and even play head-to-head in the ridiculously sweet two-player mode.

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