China Showcases TD-SCDMA at Olympics

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Don’t expect your 3G phone to work at the 2008 Olympics Games, running August 8-24, 2008 in Beijing. ( and Olympic Theme, MP-3).

The cell phone standard of choice in China is TD-SCDMA, developed by the Chinese for the Chinese market. Their flavor of 3G will cover at least 10 Chinese cities in time for the Games.

China Mobile, the operator charged with bringing TD-SCDMA to life, has its feet to the fire, explains EE Times. Instead of duplex (Frequency Division) used by most cell carriers, the TD-SCDMA standard uses only one channel (Time Division). The “S” in TD-SCDMA stands for “synchronous”, which means that uplink signals are synchronized at the base station receiver, achieved by continuous timing adjustments. This reduces the interference between users of the same timeslot

China Mobile announced in May that it had invested up to $2.04 billion to install TD-SCDMA networks in eight Chinese cities, and that coverage had reached 95 percent that of 2G networks. That translates to 14,300 basestations, including 3,400 in Beijing and 2,600 in Shanghai. The six other cities mentioned in the rollout plans are Guangzhou, Qinghaidao, Shenzen, Tianjin, Xiamen and Xuyang.

Using 5MHz of radio frequency in the 1.8GHz band, a single base station can achieve throughput of 15 megabits per second for 1 to 3 kilometers in an urban setting, or an aggregate of 45 megabits in a three base station sector.Using the 400MHz band, its reach ranges from 20 to 60 kilometers (12-37 miles) in rural settings, where it is being used to connect remote villages to Internet based government services

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R) has included WiMAX in the official IMT-2000 set of global telecommunications standards. The decision puts WiMAX on par with the other three ITU standards for 3G; W-CDMA, CDMA-2000, and TD-SCDMA.

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