Boingo: Mobile R Us

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Boingo Wireless CEO David Hagan tells Unstrung that WiFi devices now represent 15 percent of their overall WiFi usage. In years past, they represented just 1 percent.

Laptops in airports, hotels, and other public places got the ball rolling, but momentum now seems to be with mobile devices. Portable gadgets like Apple’s iPhone and WiFi-enabled game consoles now allow WiFi access, anywhere.

This is good news for the Boingo. They have updated the Boingo client software and have developed software for smaller devices, predicting that cellular operators would be more open to 802.11 as they moved to flat-rate pricing, says Dan Jones of Unstrung.

Boingo offers WiFi access for $7.95/month for Smart Phones & PDAs. Sony Ericsson and Nokia are collaborating with Boingo to integrate their Wi-Fi roaming solution into dual-mode smartphones and their client software supports Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. For laptop users, Boingo Unlimited allows you to connect any time, for as long as you want, at thousands of North American hotspots for $21.95 per month.

Boingo also announced that its hotspot service is now available at the two major Washington, D.C.-area airports — Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Airport. Boingo says their service, which costs now available in more than 100,000 locations from 150-plus hotspot operators in a worldwide network spanning 90 countries. Boingo is also available at more than 17,000 hotels, such as Hilton and Marriott Hotels, and retail destinations such as McDonald’s and Barnes & Noble.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 at 5:05 pm .

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