EarthLink’s Old Milpitas Network Now Free

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The City of Milpitas, California is developing a contract to let Silicon Valley Unwired, a non-profit organization that includes the city of Milpitas, Google, and I-Net Solutions, to provide free municipal Wi-Fi service.

“There would be no fee for the public to use the network,” Bill Marion, Milpitas’ Information Services director, told the council this week. Marion said Milpitas would likely see about 7,000 Wi-Fi users a month for a network that would provide 10 square miles of service coverage. I-Net Solutions would provide technical support.

Milpitas’ new Wi-Fi operation would be similar to service already offered by Google in Mountain View.

In May, EarthLink jettisoned its Wi-Fi systems, which included more than 300 installed Wi-Fi antennas in Milpitas worth nearly $1 million. It remained operational even after the firm departed the city. It was formally transferred to city control.

Since May, City of Milpitas has used the Wi-Fi system for police and fire public safety use as well as continued free public Wi-Fi usage at the city’s community center, sports center, senior center and council chambers, reports state.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 11:38 am .

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