Verizon Wireless + Google?

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According to a report Friday in the Wall Street Journal, Google is reportedly close to a deal with Verizon Wireless for mobile search.

The deal would make Google the default search provider on Verizon devices and give it a share of ad revenue. Verizon wants to create a new search platform that would be a one-stop shop, says the WSJ. Today, users have to go to different places to look up services such as ringtones, restaurants and Web pages.

Apparently the deal isn’t yet final; the two sides are still negotiating on key issues, such as Google’s desire to save information from user cellphone searches. Carriers are reluctant to turn that information over.

Seattle-based startup Medio Systems, which already handles digital-content searches for Verizon, would manage the all-in-one search service.

Google is also developing the Android software platform, designed to be an open and allowing other developers to write applications for it. Carriers such as T-Mobile are participating in that project.

In other news, the Mobile Wall Street Journal launched this week. This application was developed by FreeRange Communications and the user interface was designed by Cloud Four.

Content and advertisements are automatically delivered and stored on the reader’s mobile phone, ready to be easily and efficiently consumed on demand. The application is currently only available for Blackberry users. You can download the application for free.

Early reviews of the application have been positive. The Silicon Valley Insider says that of all of the applications that newspapers have released that “Wall Street Journal’s Mobile Reader is easily our favorite to date.”

The Wall Street Journal selected the FreeRange Communications branded RSS reader while Cloud Four help with the user interface design to make the application feel more like the WSJ.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, August 22nd, 2008 at 7:38 am .

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