Dems Get MOVE On Streaming

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Every major site and TV network is live streaming the Democratic National Convention, explains Paid Content. They include, ( on Yahoo News),,, and Cspan.

But the most awesome (I have probably never used that word in seven years of this site) online video feed is on the official Democratic Convention site, on site. It is in HD, and uses Move Networks ‘ plugin and using Microsoft Silverlight… MSFT just announced its investment in Move.

You have to watch it here to see the potential of HD video online…certainly shows how great HD video can look online, though there have been some doubts on how it could scale without overloading the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. The only downside it is about 3 minutes behind the actual live feed?

Move Networks uses On2’s VP6/VP7 and will also support other standard codecs like VC-1 and H.264.

Move Networks will also be on board Sprint and Clearwire’s Mobile WiMAX network. Move is optimizing its media player for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) based on Intel’s Atom processor Z5 series and Moblin-based software. Consumers using the resulting devices will be able to view Internet-based video – even in high-definition (HD).

Akamai, Limelight, Conviva, BitGravity and Level 3 have content delivery networks that make video delivery more reliable.

Poynter Online says the Democratic National Convention Committee issued credentials to 124 bloggers this year — a record number, but still just a fraction of the estimated 10,000 or so media camped out in four enormous tents in the parking lot of the Pepsi Center.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 8:12 am .

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