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Nokia today announced that the United Kingdom will be the first market in the world to launch ‘Comes With Music‘, its brand of competition to Apple’s wildly successfull iPhone store. Comes With Music comes with a year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalog, which includes some (but not all) major labels such as Universal Music, Sony BMG and Warner Music (less EMI, for now).

After your free year expires you then have to pay a monthly subscription fee to retain the service. Or buy a new Nokia phone, costing $200-$600. You will be able keep all downloaded tracks after the year is over.

The cost of the music service is included in the price of the phone.

For those not wishing to re-up with Nokia, your the phone will continue to make / receive calls and text messages. You must purchase another DRM-compatible device or subscribe at the end of the year in order to continue downloading tracks.

The Hollywood Reporter says Nokia is paying the world’s biggest label, Universal Music Group, $35 per handset to bundle access to the label’s catalogue. Paid Content puts the payment to UMG at $33.5 per handset for the first 2.5 million units, falling as volumes increase.

No word yet on Comes with Music arriving on an S60 device, but MocoNews expects them to arrive before Christmas. A U.S. launch may come later.

Apple will release an application next month that will provide users with interactive albums, which will include lyrics, behind-the-scenes images, and exclusive artwork, says the Washington Post. It will be made available through the company’s App Store, it will only provide the extra content on the iPhone and iPod touch.

As of September 2007, more than 150 million iPods had been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling digital audio player series in history. Apple’s iPhone sold 8 million units in 2007, and appears on target for 10 million 3G iPhones in 2008.

Gartner reports the Handset Units Sold (In Millions) and Mkt Share In Percent

                   2Q 08   2Q 08 Shr  2Q 07   2Q 07 Shr
  Nokia            120.4M  39.5%      100.0M  36.7%
  Samsung           46.4M  15.2%       36.2M  13.3%
  Motorola          30.4M  10%         39.5M  14.5%
  LG                26.7M  8.8%        18.5M  6.8%
  Sony Ericsson     23.0M  7.5%        24.3M  8.9%
  Others            58.0M  19%         54.0M  19.8%
  Total            304.7M  100%       272.6M  100%

The 9,834 Symbian OS applications don’t get much attention compared to the 2,500 iPhone applications. Nokia sold 120 million units in the second quarter of 2008, reports Gartner, with a global market share of nearly 40%.

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