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The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones asks What’s the best way of using new media tools to cover a news event?

I decided to try out various options at Apple’s music event on Tuesday evening – not a major story, so a good venue for a bit of experimentation.

I took a laptop with a 3g dongle for instant net access, three phones – one with a video camera and the Qik streaming video application enabled – and a Flip video camera, a very cheap and simple device that produces reasonable pictures

My aim was to Twitter, Qik and Flip my way through the event – and work out which method was best.

…So what’s the conclusion about the modern reporter’s toolkit? Well, a laptop with a wi-fi or 3g connection seems pretty essential, whether to send reams of text or the odd 140 character Tweet. A mobile phone with an instant video application can get you out of a hole when there’s no alternative. But I’d be reluctant to go anywhere without the services of a professional, wielding a decent video camera. As I think you’ll agree if you look at my pictures.

I am working on an alternative approach to (local) event coverage. I hope to use my electric bike as a WiMax-fed, mobile Wi-Fi platform.

The idea is to provide any event with live coverage. A laptop and still camera would provide the basic story and pictures, supplemented with live video, text chat and embedded gigapixel panoramas.

An Android phone could be mounted on the bike handlebars (for text messaging and live video) while a GigaPan robotic camera would provide an “infinite zoom” for crowd shots. I might add a couple of Meraki repeaters to expand WiFi coverage.

Live video might be provided with Qik on the Android phone (connected with WiFi). The Gigapan zoom could provide an infinite zoom embedded on the web page.

Code for embedding streaming video, the Gigapan, twitter conversations, as well as a story with Flickr photos and video clips, can be laid out in ordinary HTML, and emailed to webmasters.

I hope to try it as soon as we get mobile WiMAX around Portland. Any day now.

Other live streaming video solutions include; LiveCast from ComVu, BlogTV,,, Mogulus, Seesmic, Ustream, Vimeo, Yahoo Live and Zannel.

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Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 11:00 am .

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