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Wireless backhaul vendor Exalt Communications, this week introduced the industry’s highest-capacity wireless Gigabit Ethernet, covering all three 5 GHz bands in a single carrier-class system.

The EX-r GigE series backhaul radios enables wireless operators, enterprises and broadcasters to have the bandwidth they need for campus connectivity, camera backhaul, 3G or 4G backhaul, WiMAX backhaul, and high-definition video broadcast.

Delivering the highest throughput in the industry, Exalt’s GigE tri-band 5 GHz all-outdoor radios provide the capacity that could only be served previously using short-range radios such as 60GHz and E-band radios, or optical fiber.

Exalt says their high capacity radios outperform the nearest 5 GHz band competitors by more than 50%. In addition, the GigE series delivers 440 Mbps aggregate throughput at link ranges of up to fifteen (15) miles with guaranteed five 9s (99.999%) availability.

By contrast, weather sensitive radios operating in the 60 to 80 GHz bands are typically limited to a range of 1 to 3 miles.

Amir Zoufounoun, president and CEO of Exalt Communications, said, “As network capacity demands continue to accelerate, operators need scalable lower-cost alternatives to leased lines. They also need a flexible platform that includes license-exempt products so that they can deploy these services quickly, reliably and easily. The EX-r GigE series is the only platform that meets all of these requirements.” He explained to Dailywireless editor Sam Churchill that they use software defined radios to provide enhanced flexiblity.

The EX-r GigE series was specifically designed to deliver the ultra-high capacity. It features the same innovations that are included across all Exalt radio platforms, including the ability to remotely upgrade and manage the radios, user-selectable bandwidth and modulation, low latency, and advanced interference avoidance with industry leading spectral efficiency, tuning resolution, spectrum management, and system collocation using ExaltSync.

ExaltSync and ExaltSync GPS, provide internal and GPS synchronization capability for EX-i and EX-r Series radios. With synchronization, systems can be densely collocated with close proximity and minimum antenna separation while reusing scarce spectrum across all collocated systems.

Exalt says that until now, the Motorola PTP600 was the highest capacity radio on the market, with a claimed 300Mbps aggregate capacity requiring 256QAM to deliver best effort throughput. Exalt’s EX-r Series 5 GHz radios now deliver a guaranteed 440Mbps aggregate throughput at 16QAM, with 99.999% availability.

The EX-r GigE radios are available in two versions. The EX-5r GigE features a high performance integrated antenna, while the EX-5r-c GigE includes type-N female connectors for external antenna mounting. To ensure the highest level of security, Exalt provides proprietary link security and integrated AES 128- and 256-bit encryption. Both models are available for immediate delivery through Exalt authorized channel partners. The radios start at $20,000.

In related news, Trango Systems (formerly known as Trango Broadband Wireless), will feature its versatile arsenal of high-capacity wireless backhaul equipment at WiMAX World, September 30 through October 2.

Trango microwave systems are designed to deliver large amounts of wireless IP (Internet Protocol) bandwidth, for WiMAX backhaul, 2G/3G/4G mobile/cellular backhaul and enterprise wireless network extensions.

Among the products highlighted will be the licensed all-outdoor Ethernet-native RF microwave radio, TrangoLINK Apex; the licensed split-architecture Ethernet/TDM native RF microwave link system, TrangoLINK Giga; and the unlicensed 5 GHz multi-band OFDM wireless Ethernet bridge, TrangoLINK-45.

The TrangoLINK Giga is currently shipping in frequencies 6, 11, 18, and 23 GHz, and will soon also be available in ETSI standard versions, including 15 GHz. TrangoLINK Apex will be available in the same licensed frequencies and is now shipping the 18 GHz model. Beginning this fall, both TrangoLINK Giga and TrangoLINK Apex will be available in ETSI European standard versions, starting with 23 GHz and 11 GHz models.

TrangoLINK-45 provides up to 45 Mbps of sustained throughput in the 5.2 GHz 5.3 GHz, 5.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands. It costs as little as $2,495 per link through the Trango Web Store.

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