Google Streetview on Cell Phones

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Google has announced a new version of its Google Maps for Mobile software that includes support for Street View, as well as walking directions and reviews of businesses. Google said the new version is faster too.

Street View provides a ground-level, driver’s-eye view of the world. Now pedestrians can use it, too — at least on their BlackBerrys with color screens and on mobile devices with Java abilities.

Sorry, no iPhones. iPhones don’t do Java.

You can already get transit directions in Google Maps for mobile (above), in more than 50 cities.

Google demonstrated Street View on the Android operating system in May. The view was able to change according to which way the user oriented the phone. The Android phones are due to be announced Sept. 23 and may arrive in stores on October 17.

I’m hoping for a GigaPan viewer to see my Gigapixel panoramas (above) on a handheld.

Here’s the full-screen viewer and Google Earth view of Portland’s Amtrak station shot from my apartment.

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Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 9:26 am .

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