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Affiliated Computer Services will design and build an intelligent transportation system for Stamford, Connecticut, under a $4 million contract.

The project will play a critical role in the city’s effort to reduce traffic congestion, said Ann Brown, Stamford’s program manager. “The Transitway will provide commuters with better access to the Stamford Transportation Center, which serves as a gateway for rail, bus and other types of transportation,” she added.

ACS will integrate a computer-aided dispatch and automated vehicle-location program with advanced station information and parking space availability. The system will also include real-time data displays about bus arrivals at stations and bus shelters; updated information to the central dispatcher to facilitate routing and dispatching; data commands to coordinate traffic signals; a private mobile radio communications system between buses and the central operations center; and an ACS fiber backbone that links passenger information displays and traffic signals throughout the operational area.

The ITS World Congress next month will feature the largest fully-integrated demonstration yet of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies and services.

The U.S. DOT last month awarded $2.9 Million to the California Connected Traveler Project, a public-private partnership with monies pledged by Caltrans, Nokia and Navteq. It will establish a national “test bed” in the South Bay, building on an existing network of sensors to empower travelers with safety and traffic information.

Trapster lets you see and share the location of speed traps. Once installed, the app uses voice transcription to alert you in real-time to any reported speed traps in your area. Will ITS vendors be the first to deliver location-based ETA — or will it be college students working with their local ITS Lab and Android or iPhone apps?

Mozilla’s Geode has added Wi-Fi based positioning from Loki and promises more positioning options in upcoming releases, including GPS. With Geode, when a web site requests your location a notification bar will ask how much information you want to give that site: your exact location, your neighborhood, your city, or nothing at all.

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle, which aims to be the broker for a number of location-aware applications, will also use it.

Over 300 iPhone apps use Skyhook location lookups. Social Networking, Local Search and Navigation Categories represent over 50% of the apps, says O’Reilly.

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