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Next2Friends, a mobile social media platform, today announced the availability of its ‘Live’ mobile video application for the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl. It’s already available for the Symbian S60 & S40 range of devices and the Windows Mobile 6 platform.

Next2Friends Live enables people to broadcast their life from virtually anywhere. The application, soft-launched in late 2007 and officially released in June 2008, has added new features that include one click streaming, the ability to zoom, pause or re-start live streams and automatic quality selection.

The Mobile Social Suite includes two-click photo uploading, media rich opinion polling and location-based social networking. Key applications include:

  • Live – true, real-time video streaming from mobile device to web.
  • Ask – opinion gathering and decision making on the move.
  • Snap Up – automatic streaming of images captured while out and about.
  • Tag & Meet – intelligent matching of virtual profiles in the physical world.

Users can sign up for the free service at, download the application to their BlackBerry, and begin using it immediately. Videos captured with the Next2Friends Live application are automatically streamed to the user’s personal video library where they can be easily shared with friends or embedded on other social networking profiles, websites and blogs.

Next2Friends Live application and Social Suite are free, although data traffic via the carrier can add up. It uses advanced compression technology to reduce bandwidth with little degradation of quality or delays.

Fully supported devices include popular models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung and now select models from BlackBerry. The UK Limited Company, formed in 2007, has offices in the UK and US.

Mobile WiMAX, which offers more than 1 Mbps upstream for less than $45/month, could be a boon for Two-way mobile video. Consider these Lifecasting options:

  • A network of diverse channels providing a platform for lifecasting and live video streaming of events online.
  • BlogTV: Established in June 2007, is a social broadcasting and viewing platform.
  • allows anybody to create their own interactive TV channel on their website, blog, social network or mobile phone
  • Qik’s video streaming software will come pre-installed on Nokia’s just-launched 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen phone.
  • Tonchidot: A “social tagging device” for the iPhone. It combines the camera and GPS to “air tag” stuff, which appears floating in front of you, in a graphic overlay.
  • PocketCaster from ComVu: Streams video from your phone to your video blog or homepage.
  • Mogulus: Users can watch, create and distribute television channels on the Internet without downloading or purchasing software.
  • ON Networks: Can syndicate any show and accompanying advertisement across the United States and Europe by using its existing carrier relationships (with ATT).
  • Seesmic: Made its debut at the Demo tech conference where it was called the “Twitter of video”
  • Ustream: Established March 2007,[2] is a website which consists of network of diverse channels providing a platform for lifecasting and live video streaming of events online. [3] The website has over 320,000 registered users who generate 350,000+ hours of live streamed content per month.
  • Vimeo: supports embedding, sharing, video storage, and allows user-commenting on each video page.
  • Yahoo Live: Similar to the one on, with a chat system and video windows that are as portable as with Users can create a channel, authorize their webcam and start broadcasting to the public.
  • Zannel: Being deployed on Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile; deploying the first fully-scalable, massively multiplayer interactive television service

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