Redlining Kansas

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Rural Telephone Service in Kansas said its Nex-Tech unit is readying WiMAX service for small cities in Kansas that haven’t been served by DSL or cable modems.

They’re using Redline’s RedMAX AN-100UX base stations and RedMAX SU-O outdoor subscriber units to cover the residential market in and around Hays and Great Bend, Kan. Each Redline base station is capable of supporting 500 users per sector. Nex-Tech expects to realize a quick return on its investment.

“Deploying Redline’s 3.65-GHz WiMax base stations eliminated the issues we encountered using other wireless solutions, including mitigating interference, ensuring high levels of throughput and delivering the quality of services support we needed,” said Justin McClung, Nex-Tech’s Internet solutions manager, in a statement.

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