Volcano Sensor Net

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U.S. researchers are developing new wireless sensor networks for Mount St. Helens explains the Wireless Sensor Blog.

WSU Vancouver Professor WenZhan Song, and hydrologist Rick LaHusen teamed up to develop a dozen of smart robotic sensors which talk to each other and send information to a central information hub at the Johnston Ridge Observatory located atop the Mount St. Helens visitor center. A high-bandwidth microwave link relays the signal between Mount. St. Helens and the WSU Vancouver campus, with support from the USGS.

Their combined Optimized Autonomous Space – In-situ Sensor-web (OASIS) will have two-way communication capability between ground and space assets. The OASIS project is funded with $1.6M for 3 years by NASA ESTO (Earth Science Technology Office) AIST (Advanced Information System Technology) Program (pdf report).

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, December 12th, 2008 at 2:47 am .

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