WiMAX Global War in Japan

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It’s true. I can’t believe it, it’s true! — Left Behind

The trillion dollar global telecommunications business is getting a global makeover as WiMAX rolls out. While the impact is still tiny, mobile WiMAX technology (802.16e), is fully operational in parts of South Korea and the United States. As nationwide Mobile WiMAX services are launched, war between cellular carriers and WiMAX upstarts seems imminent. Here’s a brief situation report.

There are some 4 billion wireless users on Earth and 1 billion broadband subscribers in the world.

DSL has 65% of that number while cable modem users have a 22% share. FTTx is just under 11% of the global market. The WiMAX Forum projects more than 133 million WiMAX users globally by 2012.

Intel says Mobile WiMAX is the most cost/effective way to deliver broadband. Cellular operators say LTE will prevail as the defacto wireless broadband solution.

The broadband wireless war has begun.

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