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Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS) has developed a tracking antenna, that will automatically lock on and track another wireless antenna.

BATS will automatically locate, establish a wireless broadband network connection, continuously optimize throughput, and track mobile client devices (or access points) while maintaining a wireless broadband connection.

The company says their product will automatically reposition the directional broadband antenna, slewing in both the X and Y coordinates (pdf), to maintain a lock. It can be mounted on a vessel, terrestrial vehicle/structure, or aircraft to maintain a wireless broadband connection. It can be used with WiFi, WiMAX or other wireless technologies, says the company.

A proprietary software and hardware platform locates, locks and tracks devices. BATS was designed for quick deploy communications centers and mobile to fixed and mobile to mobile vehicle communications and was founded by three information technology professors and researchers from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Such an antenna system might be handy for Tactical Mini UAVs. Tiny robot drones can contain two CCD cameras and a video transmitter. The user can select forward or side looking camera. 15 frame “snapshots” can be used to recorded target of interest. Battery operated vehicles have an endurance of 30-50 minutes, using rechargeable lithium polymer cells.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CLOSE RANGE UAVs and SHORT RANGE UAVs) have helped monitor forest fires, and analyzed volcanic plumes.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), like the Silver Fox, from Advanced Ceramics Research have been deployed to monitor seismic activity at Mt. St. Helens. It uses a similar tracking antenna to provide increased range.

A 24db antenna on a tracking mount from Acrtucson provides 25 + miles, Line of Sight range (with 5 watt transmitter in the UAV) for telemetry or video.

Helinet Aviation Services, offers turnkey solutions to television stations for live helicopter feeds as well as movie, law enforcement and homeland security organizations.

Troll Systems has a tracking system used by television stations for live helicopter shots. Their SkyLink HD transmission antenna system controls the antenna and the onboard ENG transmitter and keeps the HD signal locked as the helicopter is moving.

On the receiver side, auto-tracking software operates a NSI Superquad 2/7 receive antenna mounted on the tv station’s tower.

The Los Angeles Police Department has deployed a Cineflex high-definition aerial imaging system. Pictures can be delivered to either a mobile or fixed command center using GPS-guided antenna tracking for virtually uninterrupted live HD feeds.

A Sony HDW-F950 optical system (outfitted with Fujinon ultra-long zoom lenses with motorized 2X extenders) permits aerial capture of uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB 1080i footage. FLIR Systems’ UltraMedia HD uses Sony’s 950 coupled with a Fujinon 42X lens can zoom to 1140 mm.

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