Google’s Marissa Mayer

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Google’s VP for products Marissa Mayer was on Charlie Rose last night.

Michael Arrington has the transcript. If you don’t have 57 mintues to watch it, here are the bulletpoints from Business Insider:

  • Voice search will be here in five years, vision search in ten.
  • What’s the next big idea? Killer apps involving cell phones like Google Latittude.
  • The differences between Larry and Sergey: Sergey likes math, Larry likes to look at interfaces.
  • You can’t take down your Facebook Wall anymore. People will get suspicious.
  • Steve Jobs is as much a technologist as a marketer.
  • The Internet needs to be as fast to use as a magazine.
  • Google advertisers aren’t used to the pace of the (Google) news cycle yet.
  • Most startups become marketing driven or sales driven, but Google’s remained very technology driven.
  • Yahoo’s lost a lot of their good people and that’s why’re they’re failing.
  • Social networking “is the equivalent of user crack.”

Charlie Rose is in Silicon Valley this week. A conversation with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is scheduled for tonight.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Friday, March 6th, 2009 at 11:44 am .

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