Bluetooth 3.0: Coming Soon

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The Bluetooth SIG plans to officially announce Bluetooth 3.0 on April 21. It’s designed to expand home entertainment and consumer electronics.

The new spec combines Bluetooth’s low-power, frequency hopping specification with new high-speed transfers via 802.11 standards. A Generic Alternate MAC/PHY will enable Bluetooth profiles to take advantage of 802.11 speeds. The 802.11 Protocol Adaption Layer (PAL) will enable the Generic AMP feature to be used with an 802.11 radio.

With faster speed, transferring an entire music library, a complete DVD, or a vacation’s worth of photos, can be done in seconds, promises the organization. A new feature called Enhanced Power Control also reduces the incidence of disconnects caused by movement such as placing a phone in a pocket or purse.

Bluetooth operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz spectrum, unlike UltraWideBand which can be all over the place (from 3.1–10.6 GHz).

More details of Bluetooth 3.0 should be made public on April 21st when formal introduction of the technology and early supporters of the short-range wireless standard will be announced. No plans have circulated outlining when 3.0 will arrive in shipping products and whether any existing Bluetooth devices will be upgradeable.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 10:54 am .

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