Cellular-enabled SCADA

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Sixnet is shipping a cellular-enabled remote monitoring and control device that enables remote monitoring of data logging and SCADA operations via secure cellular networks, says the company.

Combining a 3G cellular modem with a programmable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), the R.A.M. is designed for remote control, monitoring, and data logging applications, including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Typical deployments include oil and gas discovery, water and waste-water management, chemical plants, power utilities, and energy companies.

It runs on Linux, uses a PowerPC processor with up to 32MB RAM and up to 64MB flash memory, with I/O including five Ethernet ports, two RS232 ports, and one RS485 ports. The device also provides up to 26 I/O analog and digital points. The company offers a variety of 2G and 3G cellular modems for all major cellular technologies including EDGE, HSPA, and EVDO, on a variety of carriers.

Smart meters are often touted as a burgeoning field for M2M (machine-to-machine) technology. They provide two-way data transmission between the home and the utility, and can allow customers insight into how much energy they are using and what they are spending.

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