O’Reilly Where 2.0: 2009

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The O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference, earlier this week, featured a variety of speakers (Speaker Presentation Files), sessions, workshops and exhibitors, with many new products and announcements. The barriers to building location-based online and enterprise apps have been lowered, and the field is crowding with players. Now everyone has access to incredible amounts of data and the tools to visualize it.

Skyhook Wireless, provider of the Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and the hybrid location system XPS, that use cell towers, Wi-Fi and GPS to provide geolocation info, today announced the Loki plug-in for Web developers. MapQuest, Flickr and WeatherBug, have all integrated Loki to auto-locate visitors.

The Loki plug-in works with all major Internet browsers and operating systems to determine the precise location of any Wi-Fi-enabled device instantly, given the user’s permission. Web developers can use visitor location information to personalize content, ease local searching, deliver localized ads and more.

Skyhook Wireless has also partnered with many leading web sites representing several content categories such as local search, photo sharing, local news and friend finding. Other Loki plug-in launch partners include:

  • AllMenus.com (www.allmenus.com) – online restaurant menu directory
  • BrightKite (www.brightkite.com) – location-based social network
  • CitySquares (www.citysquares.com) – local city guide
  • CrazyMenu (www.crazymenu.com) – nearby restaurant and menu search site
  • drop.io (www.drop.io) – online private file sharing network
  • Flickr (www.flickr.com) – leading photo and video sharing site
  • IRL Connect (www.irlconnect.com) – location-based social network
  • Krillion (www.krillion.com) – local product search engine
  • Geocaching (www.geocaching.com) – worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure
  • Loopt (www.loopt.com) – location-based social network
  • MapQuest (www.mapquest.com) – leading online mapping and local search site
  • NearbyNow (www.nearbynow.com) – local product search engine
  • Outside.in (www.outside.in) – outside.in is a hyperlocal news and information service
  • Trapster (www.trapster.com) – speed trap sharing network
  • Praizedx (www.praized.com) – white-label local social networking platform
  • RadiusIM (www.radiusim.com) – online location-based IM platform
  • RedPlum (www.redplum.com) – coupon and deal search engine
  • Skout (www.skout.com) – location-based social network
  • TheFind (www.thefind.com) – local product search engine
  • Trapster (www.trapster.com) – speed trap sharing network
  • WeatherBug (www.weatherbug.com) – leading online weather site
  • WorkStreamer (www.workstreamer.com) – real-time enterprise social collaboration

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