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A European company called Sensaris is using Bluetooth wireless sensors in combination with mobile phones to allow citizens to monitor and report air and sound quality data, reports Read/Write Web, and has implemented a large scale deployment in Paris.

The miniature wrist device includes geolocation chips with a Bluetooth connection to a cellphone. It can be used by pedestrians or cyclists. The sensors provide noise and ozone levels in real time over the Internet and allows for web based visualization and mashups. Among other things, it will allow most anyone to monitor and report air and noise pollution.

The company also makes Mobicardio, a real-time physiological monitor with simultaneous GPS geolocation. Your performance is also stored so you can share it with friends or competitors. Cyberfab reaches 10 million heartbeat recording and transmission with their wearable Bluetooth ECG monitors.

Formula 1 racing teams also use their telemetry systems to collect car data. Information such as oil pressure, temperature, and tire pressure are collected via burst mode (6 to 700 kbyte of data are sent as the car passes the pit), or by Continuous mode (with 5 Mbyte of data collected per lap).

The above figure shows the data collected from a car during the Monaco Grand Prix.

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