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Satellite phone provider TerreStar, which launched their monster satellite July 1st, today made an end-to-end phone call using their TerreStar-1 platform, the world’s largest commercial communications satellite.

The call was completed between two of TerreStar’s quad-band GSM and tri-band WCDMA/HSPA smartphones with integrated satellite-terrestrial voice and data capabilities. The call also showcased the flexibility of TerreStar’s all-IP core network, which sends voice over their data connection.

“This call shows how TerreStar is delivering a new standard in mobile broadband network services and devices that leverage our integrated satellite and terrestrial communications components to enable true ubiquity and reliability — anywhere in the United States and Canada,” said Jeffrey Epstein, President of TerreStar. “From now on, TerreStar means connected.”

In-orbit testing of TerreStar-1 continues and the company remains on track to provide integrated satellite and terrestrial communications components by the end of the year, say company executives. Initial users are expected to be government, emergency responders, enterprises and rural communities anywhere in the United States and Canada.

The TerreStar network will operate in two 10-MHz blocks of contiguous MSS spectrum in the 2 GHz band throughout the United States and Canada – with a spectrum footprint that covers a population of nearly 330 million.

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