Samsung’s WiMAX-enabled Mondi

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PC World reviews the the Samsung Mondi which features a 4.3-inch LCD touch display, 4GB of onboard memory, QWERTY keyboard, WiFi and WiMax. The Mondi runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and comes preloaded with Opera 9.5 and Route66 for turn-by-turn GPS.

Overall, in my first impressions, the good outweigh the bad: I can live with the keyboard and the UI is only sluggish occasionally. The future of WiMax is unclear right now, but if you live in an area where the technology has been deployed, the Mondi might let you take advantage of WiMax’s promised, potentially appreciable performance boost over 3G. I relished The ability to have faster-than-3G Internet speed on-the-go is incredibly useful.

But be sure you know what coverage is like in your area. In my experience in Portland, I had a lot of difficulty using WiMax in various parts of the city. Often, I had to switch to Wi-Fi, which was problematic when I encountered secure or unreliable networks. While Samsung hasn’t officially announced price, we’ve been told the device will cost over $300 subsidized and over $400 unsubsidized.

But — really — who wants a Windows Mobile phone? It appears a dozen or more Android devices will soon be available offering thousands of innovative applications and services at little or no cost.

Waiting for a WiMAX-enabled Android device looks like a better bet. Especially with tethering.

San Francisco-based start-up Touch Revolution says a string of well-known companies will introduce a range of Android-powered household gadgets before the end of the year for home control, media control and home phones.

About 10 phone manufacturers are developing handsets for Android including HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. Google’s Android is Now a Contender, says Business Week.

AdMob’s June 2009 Mobile Metrics Report says Android traffic has increased 25 percent month over month and now has a global market share of five percent, which puts it ahead of Windows Mobile. HTC has been responsible for manufacturing 80 percent of all the 50 million Windows Mobile phones sold to date. By next year, more than 50 percent of phones shipped by HTC will be based on the Google’s Android, increasing from just 30 percent this year, reports MocoNews.

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