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Hughes Network Systems today announced that SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation has selected Hughes to supply its next-generation 2-way broadband satellite gear. Hughes says that their HX260 Mesh and HX200 satellite routers will provide up to twice the throughput performance of their previous HX System, delivering Voice over IP and other services and can service as a local network hub.

It uses the DVB-S2 standard for 2-way satellite communications. The DVB-S2 performance gain over DVB-S is around 30%, adding MPEG-4 AVC for HDTV service in the same capacity that supported only standard definition.

JSATis the largest satellite operator in Asia, with 12 satellites covering all of Japan and Asia, as well as Oceania and North America. JSAT was ranked the fifth largest satellite operator in the world, by 2006 fiscal year revenue.

JSat also plans to establish a major presence in the MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) market through JSAT MOBILE Communications, which was established in October 2008. These MSS services will be made possible by the last generation of Inmarsat I-4 satellites. Each I-4 can generate 19 wide beams and more than 200 narrow spot beams.

JSAT is also a 50% equity owner of Horizons Satellite, a joint venture with Intelsat, with satellites positioned over the continental United States. In December 2007, their Ku-band Horizons-2 satellite was launched.

J-Sat works with KVH and ViaSat, which also have a joint effort to provide maritime broadband and in-flight broadband over ViaSat Yonder. A value-added reseller, Satcom Direct, sells both services.

The TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband from KVH Industries is putting a dent in traditional VSAT solutions for craft like fishing boats, says the company.

Introduced less than 2 years ago, the marine V-Sat system recently shipped its 500th system, almost 10% of the installed base of maritime VSAT systems, according to the “2008 Maritime VSAT Markets Report” published by COMSYS. The number of VSAT operators who now target the maritime market has grown dramatically from around ten a few years ago to over 90 today.

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