Spectrum Bridge: Largest Spectrum Aggregator

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Spectrum Bridge announced today several significant second quarter milestones, including over $8 million in secondary spectrum market transactions (pdf) and related services on SpecEx.com, their online marketplace for spectrum. SpecEx.com has amassed some five percent of the total available market in spectrum coverage, representing over 2,200 call signs and scores of spectrum holders, making it the single largest, non-carrier, aggregator of spectrum nationwide.

It matches buyers and sellers of spectrum, providing tools, services and resources to maximize those assets. The spectrum transactions consist of a variety of spectrum licenses including those used by cellular and PCS carriers, utilities, railroads, two-way radio providers and commercial enterprises. Spectrum sellers value the ability to get their spectrum noticed right away and spectrum buyers have found the online platform to be a critical time and cost-saving tool in the acquisition process.

“We are actively working with hundreds of entities looking to acquire, sell or lease their spectrum, with more coming in daily through SpecEx.com”, said Richard Licursi, CEO of Spectrum Bridge. “We are seeing particular demand right now from the utilities, energy and railways industries, which are looking for spectrum to upgrade their critical infrastructures with smart grid and positive train control applications”. Spectrum Bridge is also the creator of ShowMyWhiteSpace.com, a site dedicated to making TV white space easy for everyone to find and understand.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Monday, August 10th, 2009 at 6:17 am .

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