Verizon Updates 700MHz LTE Specs

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Verizon Wireless today released updated specifications for their nationwide Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G network on the Upper 700 MHz C-Block spectrum. The network access requirements contain key updates, clarifications and additions to guide developers into the next phase of bringing their LTE devices to the Verizon Wireless network, the company said

Verizon Wireless expects to commercially launch its LTE 4G network in up to 30 markets in 2010, covering 100 million people. In subsequent years, an equally aggressive growth plan will result in full nationwide coverage in 2013. The company’s LTE network will ultimately connect a full range of electronics devices and machines.

Developers can access the Verizon Wireless 700 MHz LTE Specification updates from the open development Web site at Developers can view which sections of the specifications have been updated by checking the Revision History.

The FCC’s 700 MHz auction raised $19.6 billion for the U.S. Treasury with AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless accounting for the bulk ($16 billion).

700 MHz Spectrum Winners (2008)
Source: Telephony
Bidder Total bids Spectrum acquired
#1 Verizon Wireless $9.36B C Block open access covering lower 48/key metro and economic areas
#2 AT&T $6.64B B Block metro licenses in large cities across the U.S.
#3 EchoStar/DISH Network $711M 168 E block (unpaired) licenses across the U.S.
#4 Qualcomm $588M E Block licenses in Boston, Los Angeles and New York City; placed sole bid on D Block public safety license (but didn’t win)
#5 MetroPCS $313M Single A Block license in Boston
#6 Cox Communications $304M 14 A block, 8 B block
#7 US Cellular $300M 25 A block, 127 B block
#8 Cellular South $191M 14 A block, 10 B block
#9 CenturyTel $150M A and B Block licenses in its LEC territory
#10 Vulcan Spectrum $112.8 $43.6 million for A Block” in Portland, Salem and $69 million for Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton

The “D” block is expected to provide a new nationwide license. It will combine 10 Mhz of commercial service with 12 Mhz of public service bandwidth in the 700 MHz band (22 Mhz combined), for a joint public/private cellular communications system. The shared cellular service is expected to benefit both rural users and public service users, nation-wide. It was not auctioned off in the 2008 700Mhz auction, since the minimum bid was not attained.

If there were a priority for the FCC, you’d think the 700 MHz “D” block would be it.

Block Frequencies (MHz)


Pairing Geographic Area Type

No. of Licenses

A 698-704, 728-734 12 MHz 2 x 6 MHz EA 176
B 704-710, 734-740 12 MHz 2 x 6 MHz CMA 734
E 722-728 6 MHz unpaired EA 176
C 746-757, 776-787 22 MHz 2 x 11 MHz REAG 12
D 758-763, 788-793 10 MHz 2 x 5 MHz Nationwide 1*
*Subject to conditions respecting a public/private partnership.

Because the D Block did not meet its $1.3 billion reserve price in the 700MHz auction held in early 2008, the FCC sought comment in May, 2008, on whether it should revise the 700MHz public/private partnership and reauction this spectrum. FCC Petitioners generally say they can deploy their broadband networks in advance of a resolution of the Commission’s ongoing 700 MHz D Block proceeding (pdf), and that they may be integrated into any network and be fully interoperable, to meet the technical proposals put forth by the Commission in the 700 MHz Third Further Notice.

The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) broadband task force reached a consensus accord on a 700 MHz proposal it expects to submit to the FCC this fall. Most of the public-safety organizations have come out in favor of LTE for use on the public-safety 700 MHz band, and the NPSTC has begun working on network requirements for regional networks that would need to be built.

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