WiChorus Ropes Open Range

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WiChorus, a 4G infrastructure vendor that was, recently selected by Clearwire, today announced it has been chosen by Open Range Communications to supply its SmartCore platform for its network infrastructure and content monetization capabilities.

Open Range is said to be the nation’s largest Rural Utilities Service (RUS) borrower with a deployment that will offer service to six million people in 546 rural communities across 17 states. With this new 4G wireless network, Open Range will offer state-of-the-art 4G services to un-served and underserved customers across America in the fourth quarter of this year.

Open Range intends to serve 546 communities with portable and eventually mobile voice and Internet services. Open Range will lease mobile satellite spectrum from Globalstar under Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) authority granted by the Federal Communications Commission in October 2008.

WiChorus says its Smart 4G Packet Core solution will enable flexible deployment models, open network architecture and network optimizations needed to build such a network.”

Rather than go with the core architectures supplied by Motorola, Samsung and Huawei, Clearwire tapped new entrant WiChorus to provide the network control centers for its forthcoming WiMax deployments. The SmartCore 4G packet core platform is a network-neutral solution designed for multiple 3G and 4G data architectures, traditionally known as the access service network (ASN) gateway. It terminates all mobile sessions, authenticates and tracks users and even handles security functions.

Profile C, as defined by the Wimax forum Network Working Group (archive), stipulates an open and non-proprietary interface standard between basestations (BTS) and the internet gateway (ASN Gateway). Profile C operators are not tied into one vendor for BTS and ASN Gateway equipment.

The WiMAX Forum hopes to break the classic 2G/3G closed architecture model and standardize on Profile C. That enables operators to deploy radio and network equipment from different vendors based on a single “R6″ interface. The “open” approach allows easier handoff between different service providers who can use gear from different vendors.

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