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FCC Considers Auctioning Off TV Frequencies

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 30th, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission, citing a need for more spectrum, is mulling an auction on broadcast television frequencies for more broadband, reports Reuters. One proposal (pdf) would be to keep VHF channels (2-13) for over-the-air broadcasting and make the UHF channels (14-35, 37-51) available for reallocation. According to the Brattle Group study, such a proposal […]

EU to Germany: Open 2.6GHz to Fixed Wireless – Or Else

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 29th, 2009

The European Commission this week filed a legal procedure against Germany for failing to allocate the 2500-2690 MHz radio frequency band for a wide range of radio services, including fixed wireless services. Under EU radio spectrum harmonisation rules (pdf), all EU countries have to ensure that all kinds of telecoms services can utilise this band. […]

Smart Meters on The Stimulus Channel

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 29th, 2009, billed as “the Web’s most comprehensive source of stimulus news”, is said to be a one-stop resource for industry professionals and consumers for tracking stimulus money, analysis, news and tools. The Stimulus Channel features stimulus toolkits for all 50 states, with links to state energy offices, regulatory bodies and utilities, plus local media coverage […]

Sprint: Good Times, Bad Times

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 29th, 2009

At the Sprint Developers Conference, this week, Google’s Brad Horowitz announced that Sprint was enabling Google voice to work on their 3G network, reports Alan Weissberger on the WiMax 360 blog. Sprint is rolling out Android phones including the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment, and is prepared to let Skype and other VoIP schemes also […]

Rural Broadband Alliance: Show Us the Money

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 28th, 2009

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, along with the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service, is still sorting through nearly $28 billion worth of applications for broadband stimulus grants–nearly seven times the $4 billion available for the program in this first round. NTIA head Larry Strickling said it wouldn’t be awarding the first broadband stimulus […]

AirWave: Cloud-based Network Management

Posted by Sam Churchill on October 28th, 2009

Aruba Networks today announced AirWave OnDemand, that uses the “cloud” model rather than running local hardware and software to manage an enterprise-class network. The subscription-based service, housed at a secure Aruba data center, uses dedicated, virtual instances of Aruba’s multi-vendor AirWave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS) to remotely manage and monitor enterprise wireless LANs. Subscribers can […]