Google Music

Google is partnering with major music labels and is expected to launch a new search feature to make it easier to discover, sample and buy songs on their search engine, reports Reuters.

The new feature will be facilitated by start-ups iLike and LaLa, which will enable songs to be streamed on the Google page that will also feature a “buy” button to help reduce the number of steps fans need to acquire music. Google’s “One Box” will enable users to type in the name of artists to find a thumbnail photo of the artists, background information, as well as a listing of the music that they can preview, says C/Net.

The new service has been lined up to launch next Wednesday by iLike and LaLa and all the major labels — including Vivendi’s Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment Warner Music Group and EMI Music. ILike was recently acquired by News Corp’s social networking site MySpace.

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