Mobile Olympics: Better Than Anything

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Better than rides on the midway
Better than seals blowing horns
Better than men shot from cannons
Better than fresh ears of corn
— Better Than Anything

By the time the Opening Ceremony broadcast started at 7:30 p.m. on Feb 12, NBCs Olympics Mobile had already generated more page views than the entire 2006 Winter Games (1.07 million), according to Omniture.

NBC’s Olympics Mobile platforms (WAP site and iTunes App), have already amassed more than 54.3 million page views in just 10 days, already surpassing the total number of page views for the entire 17-day Beijing Games (34.7 million) by 56 percent.

There have been 1.3 million mobile video streams in just 10 days, more than four times the total number for the entire 17-day Beijing Games (301k).

NBC’s main Olympics site, NBCOLYMPICS.COM already has more users than the entire 2006 Winter Games. In just eight days, delivered 29.5 million total unique users, according to Omniture, more than 16 million more unique users and 122 percent higher than the entire 17 days of the 2006 Winter Games (13.3 million).

“The difference is that just 18 months ago, the quality of the experience of watching mobile video was so poor. But now, one out of four handsets is a smartphone and the experience is greatly enhanced,” said NBC Universal’s research head Alan Wurtzel. Smartphones were 24 percent of the global market in 2009, with 172.4 million units. They’re getting increasingly popular. In Q4 09, smartphone sales up 41 percent over the same period in 2008. has delivered 26.2 million video streams to date – nearly 22 million more and 471% higher than Torinos first 10 days (4.6 million.)

Perhaps initiatives like Ocean Observatories will bring real-time information to the public. Stakeholders, scientists, educators, and the public might all benefit from real-time environmental data available on handhelds and open sourced.

I’m trying to penetrate the 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland this week, so posting may be light.

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