The Telephone Game

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Portland, Oregon commissioners voted unanimously today to back the city’s pitch for Google’s fiber project.

Portland’s City Council heard about 40 minutes of testimony this morning from David Olson (right), the city’s director of cable and franchise management, who has been campaigning for an open fiber network for many years.

He was joined by Intel’s Wilfred Pinfold, who organized last year’s Supercomputing ’09 conference in Portland.

SC09 set up a hub four times faster than the one Google proposes to perform remote supercomputing tasks during the conference, and Pinfold said that shows how much power a fast network unleashes.

Software developer Ward Cunningham, father of Wiki, shared his hopes for open-access, community fiber and recounts how early exposure to an open-access Internet connection allowed him to influence and change the world.

A group of citizens are organizing the world’s longest “Telephone Game” as an attempt to get the attention of Google. The Portland event will begin at 9am Saturday March 20th, and start at the east side of the Steel Bridge at 9:30, reaching Mayor Sam Adams in Pioneer Courthouse Square at approximately 10:30.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 at 10:42 pm .

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