Flash Support in Android 2.2

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In an interview with the New York Times, Chief Android Architect Andy Rubin made it officia: Android 2.2, otherwise known as the “Froyo” (with the latest device-ready build being 2.1, otherwise known as “Eclair”), will have Flash support built in. Adobe previously said Flash for Android would be available sometime in the second half of this year.

It’s still not clear which existing devices will be upgradable to 2.2, or whether all upgradable devices will work well with Flash.

Android currently runs on 9 percent of smartphones in the United States, according to Comscore.

Google is also building the Flash Player into its Chrome browser. But it’s not devoted to Flash, explains C/Net. Google, Apple, Mozilla, Opera, and increasingly even longtime holdout Microsoft are among those trying to reproduce what Flash can do with a handful of “Open Web” technologies.

In other news, Microsoft has publicly asserted for the first time that Google’s Android operating system infringes on its intellectual property, reports C/Net.

Microsoft has taken the position, according to those close to the company, that Android infringes on the company’s patented technology and that the infringement applies broadly in areas ranging from the user interface to the underlying operating system.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 5:04 am .

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