World’s First TD-LTE Data Call

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Samsung and Nokia Siemens Networks announced they have successfully conducted what is called “the world’s first TD-LTE data call” using a prototype end-user device.

The demonstration also proved the interoperability of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Time Division LTE gear with Samsung’s TD-LTE USB dongle.

The data call was conducted at Nokia Siemens Networks’ R&D Center in Hangzhou, China. The demonstration employed the company’s TD-LTE infrastructure, comprising the Flexi Multiradio Base Station and the company’s core network solution, including the Flexi Network Server and the Flexi Network Gateway – all using LTE software compliant with the 3GPP March 09 baseline specifications, the company said.

In October 2009, Nokia Siemens Networks achieved the first TD-LTE data call on its Flexi Multiradio Base Station with fully standards-compliant software.

At the International CTIA Wireless 2010 convention, Samsung exhibited their next generation U-RAS Flexible base station, which can be used as a common platform for Mobile WiMAX (802.16e), Mobile WiMAX 2 (802.16m), as well as both FDD-LTE and TD-LTE deployments. It will be deployed by Clearwire in 2010.

Motorola provides indoor TD-LTE network coverage for major pavilions at the Shanghai Expo including the Expo Center and the U.S. Pavilion as well as backup systems to other vendor solutions in other pavilions. To help operators build a healthy TD-LTE ecosystem, Motorola will also integrate and launch the TD-LTE USB dongle that supports 2.3GHz at the event.

China Mobile hopes its early moves will help prevent TD-LTE being seen as a secondary, poor relation in the LTE ecosystem, as TD-SCDMA has been in 3G, leading to a shortage of devices and applications.

LTE pioneers TeliaSonera, NTT DoCoMo and Verizon Wireless, will all use different frequency bands for their respective LTE networks, explains TechWorld. So for roaming in the U.S, Japan and Europe to work, modems will have to support 700MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz, with more bands to be used in the future. That will be a challenge for roaming, says Light Reading.

Ericsson says that mobile data traffic surpassed voice traffic for the first time in December 2009. Although twenty-two carriers plan to roll-out LTE commercially this year, data over LTE remains the only service offered. No voice. The industry still lacks a clear strategy for supporting voice over LTE.

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