Trillion Node Network?

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Wireless sensor guru Dr. Peter Lucas, thinks we will live in a trillion-node world. Wireless sensor networks like Crossbow Technology, typically use a wireless multi-hop routing algorithm (like Zigbee) where nodes forward data packets to the base station.

Maya produced an interesting video to showcase the concept of a trillion node world.

In January this year MEMSIC acquired Crossbow Technology.

Crossbow was one of the first suppliers of these tiny sensor networks. They use the TinyOS operating system in their MICA2 (868/916 MHz) and MICAz (2.4 GHz) motes.

Recently Xbow developed an agricultural monitoring system called eKo PRO, for outdoor sensors. These sensors are used for crop monitoring, microclimate studies and environmental research. They’ve been deployed in vineyards, measuring soil moisture, ambient temperature and humidity, leaf wetness, soil water content, and solar radiation.

EcoWizard is a new system from Crossbow Japan, a subsidiary of Crossbow Technology, that enables users to analyze and monitor energy consumption in real-time using intuitive visualization tools allowing intelligent and efficient energy conservation.

MoteWorks is the industry’s first, open, integrated, standards-based platform for the development of wireless sensor network OEM devices and systems.

Will a Trillion nodes ever get built? It’s hard to imagine.

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 1:31 pm .

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