Here Come the Tablets

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Samsung plans to introduce tablet computers this quarter, reports Reuters. Unwired View has a spy shot. The Samsung Tablet will be based on Google’s Android operating system and join dozens of firms seeking to challenge Apple’s popular iPad.

Nokia, Microsoft and HP are also planning tablets. Nokia’s is likely to be based on MeeGo, its new open source platform for smartphones, tablets and settops, Microsoft will use its own version of Mobile 7, and HP will likely use its WebOS, which it acquired from Palm.

RIM’s tablet computer, expected in November, may be called the Blackpad. It is rumored to be about the same size as the iPad, which has a 9.7-inch diagonal screen. The device will include WiFi and Bluetooth, and allow people to connect to the Internet through BlackBerry smartphones.

Samsung, the world’s No.2 handset maker after Nokia, said its tablet PC will have a 7-inch display, smaller than the 9.7-inch screen on the iPad. It did not provide further details.

Samsung’s local rival LG Electronics, the world’s No.3 handset maker, also plans to introduce tablets or slate devices running on Android in the fourth quarter.

Microsoft said on Thursday it would introduce new tablets based on its Windows operating system and is working with PC makers Acer, Dell, Toshiba and others to develop the devices.

Global handset shipments rose 13 percent to 308 million units in the second-quarter of the year, according to new figures from Strategy Analytics. The firm cited lower-end 2G models in emerging markets, particularly South America, and high-end 3G touchscreen devices in mature regions as driving growth during the quarter.

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