Vimeo Goes HTML 5

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Vimeo put out a new version of its player on Tuesday that can detect the hardware of the end user and spit out either an Adobe Flash or HTML5 video player, as well as a proper video stream based on connection.

Vimeo has been caught up in the ongoing debate between using HTML5 – which Apple favors, or its own established codec, based on Flash. Android phones, using Android 2.2, can run Flash video directly.

Vimeo’s new embed codes work with the iPad and iPhone. In the past, the embed codes were in Flash only, which isn’t supported by Apple’s devices. Vimeo’s site is also in HTML5, which works with the iPad and iPhone.

A free Vimeo channel will be available on the Roku player by Tuesday evening. It can webcast independent content in 1080p high-definition. Vimeo also rolled out a new feature called “Watch Later” that allows users to bookmark videos to watch at a later date, keeping bookmarked videos in a private playlist.

At the Android Flash Summit at Adobe’s headquarters last week, the company showcased the performance of the video playback on a prototype Google TV device. Google TV will use the Google Chrome web-browser along with Adobe Flash.

Google TV settops are expected later this year. Google’s Chrome Web Store could be ready to launch by October of this year, suggesting that Chrome OS devices are likely on a similar schedule.

Intel’s AppUp Center, an App Store for netbooks and settops, with a focus on software that’s designed around Intel Atom processors, integrated graphics, and 1024 x 600 pixel or lower resolution screens, is due to launch next month, says Liliputing.

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