Morgan Stanley: Mobile Future Bright

Mary Meeker’s PowerPoint slide presentations, delivered for Morgan Stanley always cut to the chase with beauty and clarity. Zahid Ghadialy of the 3G/4G Wireless Blog has posted Meeker’s latest PowerPoint here on Slide Share.

Meeker has 8 key themes:

  • Wealth creation/desctuction is material in new computing cycles. We are in the 5th cycle.
  • Mobile is ramping faster than the desktop internet and will be bigger than most people think.
  • Apple is leading in Mobile innovation and impact for now. Pricing and other factors will determine long term winners.
  • Game changing platforms emerge rapidly (mobile + social networking)
  • Growth/Monetization roadmaps can be provided by looking at Japan.
  • Massive data growth is driving carrier and equipment changes.
  • Compelling opportunities in emerging markets
  • Regulators can help or slow mobile internet evolution.

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