5 Billion!

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Mobile subscribers are expect to reach a total of 5 billion this month, reports iSupply. That’s approximately 73.4 percent of the earth’s population, notes the research firm.

“If the importance of an event can be measured by the number of people it affects, then the proliferation of wireless communications stands out as one of the most significant phenomena in the history of technology,” said Dr. Jagdish Rebello, senior director and principal analyst for wireless research at iSuppli.

“Wireless communication now has spread to every nation, every age and every income level, becoming a basic staple like food, clothing and shelter. Wireless now represents the biggest stage that any technology market has ever played on, offering unlimited opportunities for members of the mobile communications supply chain.”

Posted by Sam Churchill on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 11:21 am .

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