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RIM has unveiled it’s upcoming tablet at the BlackBerry Developer Conference this week in San Francisco. The tablet–dubbed the PlayBook won’t be available until early 2011, but has some unique features and capabilities.

The RIM PlayBook has a 7-inch display, 1Gb of RAM–double the memory in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and four times the memory of the Apple iPad. The PlayBook features a dual-core, 1-Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, which should be faster than competing tablets. It has dual HD cameras, HD video recording capability, and HDMI output.

The PlayBook does not connect directly to the internet via cellular connection. Additional connections will be available later. It connects to BlackBerry smartphones via Bluetooth. Amazon has announced that it will develop a Kindle app for the RIM tablet.

It supports MP3, AAC, and WMA, making it capable of handling even Apple and Microsoft proprietary audio formats. Its support of Adobe Flash Player, and HTML5 ensures that it is compatible with virtually any interactive Web site or online video content.

The PlayBook runs a new operating system, which is based on QNX Neutrino, a product RIM bought earlier this year. Neutrino is a modern, UNIX-like operating system that currently runs in many embedded systems, including cars, and is said to be faster than anything the competition has to offer.

The only glimpses available of the BlackBerry tablet were behind glass running short videos in a continuous loop. The release date is “early 2011.”

A new advertising service was released by RIMM. RIM said developers, advertisers, agencies and brands can now include advertising in applications “with just a few lines of code.” The company released a software development kit for BlackBerry Advertising Service, which supports Mobile Marketing Association-compliant ads and media delivered via HTML5.

In related news, The Associated Press today launched two new mobile apps for BlackBerry smart phones – AP Móvil América Latina, bringing users global news in multiple languages around the world, and a new version of AP Mobile, world edition. Both apps are available for free on BlackBerry App World (www.blackberry.com/appworld).

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