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ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R), which completed the assessment of six candidate submissions for a global 4G broadband technology, earlier this year, said in October that only “LTE-Advanced1” and “WirelessMAN-Advanced2” would being accorded the official designation of IMT-Advanced, qualifying them as true 4G technologies.

The Report was approved by ITU Member States at the ITU-R Study Group 5 meeting in Geneva in late November 2010.

But the ITU can’t stop LTE and WiMAX providers from calling their broadband wireless systems “4G”. Rather than fight, the ITU has changed its hard line “4G” stance. Now LTE and WiMAX are under the Big Top. No word on what to do about HSPA+.

The ITU’s latest pronouncement:

IMT-Advanced is considered as “4G”, although it is recognized that this term, while undefined, may also be applied to the forerunners of these technologies, LTE and WiMax, and to other evolved 3G technologies providing a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed. The detailed specifications of the IMT-Advanced technologies will be provided in a new ITU-R Recommendation expected in early 2012.

T-Mobile claims their HSPA+ network is faster than “4G” from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

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