Marketing Trends for 2011

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eMarketer has posted their Key Digital Trends for 2011

Marketers are increasing spending on social media — for good reason. Targeting consumers by location will also evolve, says eMarketer.

Social media is a must, according to eMarketer, with 6 out of 10 frequent internet users having a social network profile. Facebook is still growing around the world, and is near the top site in the United States.

Real-time bidding will place ads in specific websites, with cookie data supplying demographic targeting. Privacy issues will become increasingly important to both marketers and consumers, says eMarketer.

Efforts to protect consumers’ privacy on the Internet are likely to impact companies that collect, use or distribute geolocation data, said LeClairRyan attorney Kevin D. Pomfret, an advisor in the rapidly developing fields of spatial law and technology. GPS location-aware smart phones and other devices already collect enormous amounts of data about where people go, who they are and what they do. The level of available detail–and potential privacy risks–will only increase with time, compounding existing concerns about such issues as “cyber-stalking,” Fourth Amendment privacy rights and more, he said.

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