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WindowSeat a new, offline, in-flight map for air travelers in the continental U.S. It’s an in-flight map in the palm of your hands.

You can track your flight, recalculate your remaining flight time, and learn about landmarks you’re flying over. It works without GPS or wi-fi, and predicts the location of all commercial flights in the continental U.S. based on historical flight path data.

Enter your departure and arrival cities either prior to or after takeoff, then enter your actual wheel-up time to begin tracking. During your flight, you can update your flight time and flight position based on points- of-interest you observe, or information that the pilot or on board staff share.

Portland-based AppOven created WindowSeat. It’s a little pricey, at $6.99 on Apple’s App Store, but looks like fun.

Philip Tseng (left) tells Dailywireless that the project took 16 months, from idea to release on the App Store. Philip says he’s always been fascinated with airplanes.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always requested a WindowSeat. About two years ago, I was flying over the Rockies, looking out the window wondering where I was. I realized that the behavior of a commercial jet airplane is predictable. It takes off, flys on established jetways towards its destination, and lands. A jet airplane is never going to stop at a gas station midway through the flight”.

What challenges did he have to overcome?

“The biggest challenge was getting a reliable source of historical flight path data. Another big challenge was creating a zoomable map that can be used offline and had good performance for the iPhone”.

In other news, last week rolled out CTA Train Tracker, similar to — yet slightly less precise than — the popular GPS-guided Bus Tracker, available for smart phones. Train Tracker estimates when the next train will arrive by calculating signal information and the typical time it takes for a train to cover a portion of track. Train Tracker shows arrival times for incoming and outgoing trains at every CTA station in 15-minute intervals.

Also, check out these Wi-Fi apps compiled by WiFi Planet for the iPhone. They can help you find and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, transfer or access files via Wi-Fi, communicate over the airwaves, survey your wireless network, or go on a war drive.

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