4G Phones Compared

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Droid Life has a Verizon 4G LTE Android Phone comparison chart, displaying their known specs.

Verizon’s LTE phones are not yet available, but the new HTC Thunderbolt is rumored to appear some time in February.The others may appear around mid-year, perhaps May or June. DroidLife has more information on the Motorola DROID BIONIC, HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution and Samsung SCH-I510

Verizon’s LTE service looks like the one to beat. But comparisons between AT&T’s HSPA, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and Sprint’s WiMAX may depend more on how you typically use the service and where you’re located. If you can’t get a reliable connection at work or at home, what’s the point?

WiMAX has truly unlimited monthly data, but service would likely be spottier since it uses a 2.6GHz service rather than Verizon’s longer range 700 MHz service.

Verizon has not announced any LTE iPhones or any 4G service for it (yet), but Verizon is projecting sales of 11 million iPhones in 2011. An LTE phone from Verizon would likely be faster than competitors, but may fall back to a slower (CDMA Rev A) speed compared to HSPA or HSPA+ offered by AT&T and T-Mobile.

Cell congestion may affect the carriers differently. Data caps may also become increasingly important as tablets begin to use video more extensively.

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